Preparing for Innovation

Emerging Technology Innovation

Emerging technologies can be experience enablers that introduce new opportunities for customer engagement and competitive differentiation. They’re not buzzwords. They are power words.

Emerging technology innovation is not optional. Your competitors and disruptors are already there. Are you?

New technologies offer extraordinary opportunities to engage customers and achieve efficiencies. They also create opportunities, however, for your existing competitors and new market entrants to change the competitive landscape. How does your company thrive in that environment?

Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), blockchain and mixed reality have the potential to impact your business regardless of your domain. The question becomes, how do you make investments in these technologies in a way that balances capital with learnings and growth? I help you:

  • Select technologies that have the greatest potential to benefit your company and your industry

  • Identify opportunities where you can use emerging technologies to improve your customer experience

  • Develop personas and customer journey maps that represent your customers and their needs

  • Create customer-centric use cases used to pinpoint problems and devise solutions

  • Navigate through collaborative innovation processes that rely on proven, experiment-based techniques for developing solutions with your team and other stakeholders

  • Devise a repeatable prototype-to-production process that establishes how organizational teams collaborate to bring solutions to market

Emerging technologies can create new opportunities or upset your company’s apple cart. The approach you take can make all of the difference. Schedule a free consultation with me today to discuss your challenges and let’s assess how I might help you create new opportunities from new technology.

The Innovation Pro

How can I can help you solve your innovation challenges?

Plan for Success

A coherent approach and customer-centric challenges are key to achieving success from your innovation practices.

Think Like a Startup

Innovation is most useful when, like startups, you’re prepared to fail often and fail fast – acquiring learnings and adapting.

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I’ve spent more than twenty years helping organizations use technology to innovate and grow. I can help you, too. Are you ready to go?