Preparing for Innovation

Innovation Strategy

All innovation is not the same. What is the right way to build an innovation practice that works for your company’s challenges?

A cohesive plan is key to innovation success. What’s your innovation strategy?

What is innovation and how does your team use innovation as a tool for differentiation and growth? Why do so many innovation initiatives fail? Many organizations have a perspective on innovation that relies on mistaken assumptions about what innovation is and how it works.

Innovation is not a one size fits all solution. There are multiple types of innovation and various approaches that should be unique to each organization and, often, to teams within the company. The Innovation Pro partners with you to help create a strategy that leads to true innovation taking root in your organization. I help you:

  • Determine the type of innovation that suits your goals

  • Frame your challenges so they’re human-centered and customer-centric

  • Align your innovation approach with your team, your company’s culture and your business strategies

  • Perform a competitive analysis between your firm’s innovation efforts and your competitors’

  • Develop a communication plan for evangelizing your innovations

  • Assess how best to incentivize your team to achieve innovation goals

  • Identify technologies and opportunities to use those technologies to address your challenges

  • Create narratives that are used to support innovation goals with both your superiors and your team

A coherent innovation strategy is critical to building a well-defined, effective innovation capability. Schedule a free consultation with me today to discuss your challenges and how I might help you create an innovation strategy for your organization.

The Innovation Pro

How can I can help you solve your innovation challenges?

Plan for Success

A coherent approach and customer-centric challenges are key to achieving success from your innovation practices.

Think Like a Startup

Innovation is most useful when, like startups, you’re prepared to fail often and fail fast – acquiring learnings and adapting.

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I’ve spent more than twenty years helping organizations use technology to innovate and grow. I can help you, too. Are you ready to go?